A long time coming...

0 degrees fahrenheit. No heat, no lights, solid block of drinking water, exploded beer, frozen ketchup and it's only 8pm. After all that, we still had each other and we still had our determination to realize our vision. Despite the circulating perceptions that this maniacal way of life would inevitably lead to a divorce, we are pleased to say that you were wrong! We are as happy as ever and every frozen bone was well worth it! After 4 years of living together in our 21ft RV, we managed to pay off our debts, Kirsten complete graduate school, Seth become a certified arborist, both work multiple jobs and manage to save up enough money to travel. So here we go. We hope that you can come along for the ride.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve is here...

This is our beautiful Xmas tree kindly donated by Candy to decorate our humble abode.  The cinnamon rolls just got pulled out of the oven and the swordfish (yes, that's right) is marinating in the fridge.  Seth and I are hanging out, missing all of our family, but we feel very relaxed and content.  

Seth, Kirst & Mark

Seth, Kirst & Mark
Seth, Kirst & Mark,
originally uploaded by Kirsten & Seth.

I did it!

It's official.  On December 21st, I walked in the graduation ceremony at CU.  I now have a masters degree in Social/Multicultural Education with an emphasis in linguistically diverse education.  Yeah!!!!


This is the fawn that was born right outside our front door in Boulder.